After the ‘fruit lady’ of Islamabad, the UAE Embassy comes in support of Woman ‘Football Maker’

A couple of weeks ago, pictures of a hard working woman making and selling footballs in the streets of Islamabad went viral on social media. Citizens had called for support for the woman who was going through ailing times but was trying her best to feed her four children.

Seeing the lady in need, the UAE Embassy came with support. The officials from the embassy visited the lady personally and assured support. The officials spoke to the lady and appreciated her hard work.

Although the exact details of what kind of support UAE Embassy has planned for the football maker lady of Islamabad, from the photos below it can be seen the officials handing the lady a note with phone numbers on it.

UAE Embassy comes in support of Islamabad ‘fruit lady’

This isn’t the first time UAE Embassy in Islamabad has come in support for hard-working women. Last year the same officials from the embassy had come in support for Yasmeen, the lady fruit seller of Islamabad after she had also gone viral on social media.

The UAE Embassy in an official post had appreciated her efforts and said that the UAE will continue supporting and appreciated women who go beyond to make a living for their family.