After Mark Weins, Food vlogger Trevor James aka The Food Ranger is coming to Pakistan

Three months ago, famous Thailand based food and travel blogger Mark Weins, best known for his blog Migrationology came to Pakistan and spent 16 days trying the food. He visited nearly every major city of the country and labeled the food some of the best he had ever had anywhere else in the world.

Following his footsteps, another renowned food vlogger Trevor James, aka The Food Ranger has decided to come to Pakistan. He hasn’t revealed when he will be coming to Pakistan, but the vlogger announced his journey via his Facebook account.

James and his wife currently reside in Chengdu China. They travel throughout the world trying food from different regions. They have traveled to nearly every country in the Asia and South Asia region except Pakistan.

James has already applied for his Pakistani Visa and he met with Pakistan’s Consul General to Chengdu in China. He had the following to say:

We’re coming to Pakistan! We came to apply for a visa and got invited for a tour of the consulate! Amazing hospitality! Had a wonderful time chatting with Consul General to Chengdu, Mr. Muhammad Mudassir Tipu today! We are excited to share the beauty of Pakistan with the world and to eat some amazing food! We NEED your recommendations for specific street stalls, hotel eateries, and delicacies to try in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and villages to visit too! 

Countries Trevor has traveled to

Trevor James has traveled to nearly all the countries in the Asian and South Asian region as well as the Middle East. He has traveled to countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Dubai, Morocco, India, Mexico, and more.

Here are some photos of his recent adventures.



Tell him what to try in Pakistan

James wants Pakistanis to help him decide what to try. He is also asking them to tell him places to visit in Pakistan. If you want him to visit your home town, don’t forget to message him on this FB post.

The Food Ranger currently has 1.7 million followers on Facebook and 2.8 million subscribers on his Youtube. In contrast, Mark Weins has 900,000+ followers on his FB with 3.9 million followers on YouTube.