8 year old video of captured Indian Pilot Abhinandan enjoying breakfast with TV channel surfaces

The wing commander was ‘a flight lieutenant’ back then

Wing Commander Abhinandan Warthaman was captured today by the Pakistani forces when he crashed landed with his jet on Pakistani territory after Pakistan Air Force shot his plane down.

The captured Indian is in full custody of Pakistan army, but he is being treated well. A video was also released by the Army in which Abhinandan can be seen praising the army of our country. He called them thorough gentlemen and said he was treated very well, just like military personnel should be.

Yes, I have [been treated well] and I would like to put that on record and I will not change my statement if I go back to my country. Officers of the Pakistan army looked after me very well. They are thorough gentlemen starting from the captain who rescued me from the mob and from the soldiers and thereafter the officers and the unit I was taken to. This is what (how) I would expect my army to behave (treat) us and I am very impressed with the Pakistani army

Abhinandan's another statement

So, good to see the #IAF officer being treated with respect. Hope he's returned back home to his family soon.#ProudOfOurArmedForces #SayNotoWar #Abhinandan

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Some Indians still think videos are of a fake pilot

Even though the Indian media has openly accepted that they have a missing pilot, some Indians are still not believing that it is indeed their pilot under captivity in Pakistan.

To prove wrong time and time again, Pakistanis have been digging old videos of Abhinandan and here is a clip from one of his interviews given to NDTV in 2011.

There you go! Did some research and here is a proof that no Indian can deny. One can clearly see Abhinandan Varthaman in this video. This clip is taken from a documentary which was aired on NDTV in India in 2011.

Geplaatst door Sarim Javaid op Woensdag 27 februari 2019

If you see an Indian still not convinced this is real, trying showing this video.

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