You can now literally get a back massage while travelling to Lahore from Islamabad on this bus

Skyways has launched a business class service with massager seats

Inter-city traveling in Pakistan through busses is getting better and better day by day. There are numerous bus services available today, giving you various options including economy travel, business travel, and luxury travel.

Each bus operator has different ticket pricing and services which has created a competitive market for bus-based traveling in Pakistan. After the huge success of luxury, sleeper and business class buses, Skyways has introduced a bus service with ‘Massager Seats’.

According to the bus service, the newly launched business class feature recliner sofa seats with at least 3 modes of back massage. This is somewhat of a first in Pakistan as far as it goes for bus services.

Additionally, the seats will also provide a flat mode which will let the passenger recliner to a comfortable position where they can easily drift away to sleep.

The bus is currently being operated on the Islamabad to Lahore route with 4 departure times from each side, totaling 8 departures.

Skyways has also said that the ticket price includes snacks, drinks, and coffee with free Wi-Fi and entertainment systems on every seat.

The bus ticket currently costs Rs. 1,365 as an introductory offer. There is no telling how much it will be raised after the introductory¬†period has ended. But for now, if you’re planning to travel to Lahore or Islamabad, you should definitely check it out.

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