You can now earn reward points by booking rides with Careem

Reward points can be converted to Careem credit or given to charity

Frequent travelers with Careem will be happy to hear that Careem has launched a rewards program in Pakistan for loyal customers. The rewards system will now gradually accumulate points as you take rides with the company.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can either convert the points to Careem credit for more rides or spend it on a charitable cause. Careem has partnered with several organizations to help in planting more trees in Pakistan or provide education and food to the underprivilegedĀ children.

Whether you choose to donate the points to a charitable cause or redeem them as wallet credit, it is completely under your control.

How does the reward program work?

You do not have to use any codes or perform any other special action to acquire reward points. Each ride earns you points. Once your total bill comes up for the ride, you’ll know how much points you earned.

To be specific, you’ll earn 10 points for Rs. 20 spent on a ride if you take less than 15 rides a month. If you take more than 15 rides a month, you’ll earn 50% extra points.

Every 900 points can be converted into Rs.50 balance and every 3000 points can be converted into Rs. 200 credit.

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