Watch: This Suzuki Khyber going at 200+ kmph is probably the most unusual thing you’ll see today

Have you pushed your Khyber to the limits? What speed did yours manage?

After Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Khyber is probably one of the most sought out cars in the second-hand car market. The vehicle, albeit discontinued years ago by Suzuki, is still very popular in second-hand car market with its price ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh.

Back in the days, the car’s first and real name was the Suzuki Swift until the manufacturers decided to adopt a local name and hence it was renamed to Khyber.

The Khyber back in the day was known for its insane acceleration that would easily rival some of the high-end cars of those days. But what is really unusual is seeing a Khyber crossing 200 km mark in this day and age.

A video surfaced today where someone records a Suzuki Khyber going beyond 200 km mark, as seen from the speed-o-meter of the car where the video is being shot for.

Suzuki Khyber taking over modern Honda and Corolla cars have really delighted the fans and current owners of the legendary Suzuki Khyber.

Have you ever tried pushing your Khyber to limits? What was the best speed you could achieve with the car?

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