Toyota Corolla XLI and GLI are now 50K and 57K more expensive

Toyota shoots up the price of every car

The Indus Motor Company which is responsible for manufacturing Toyota vehicles in Pakistan has once again raised the prices of all their cars by up to Rs. 175,000. This is the fifth time the company has increased its car prices in less than 12 months.

In October, the company had completely halted the sales of the cars until further notice. It later raised the prices by up to 50k to 175k for cars that were supposed to be delivered in January. Now the cars being delivered in the next round will be priced as follows.

Corolla XLI M/T – Rs. 2.05m 50k raised

Corolla XLI A/T – Rs. 2.13m 50k raised

Corolla GLI M/T – RS.2.31m 75k raised

Corolla GLI M/T special edition – RS. 2.38m 57k raised

Corolla GLI A/T – Rs. 2.38m 57k raised

Corolla Altis – Rs.2.7m 100k raised

Corolla Altis A/T CVT – Rs. 2.82m 100k raised

Corolla Grande MT-SR – Rs.2.87m 100k raised

Corolla Grande AT-SR CVT – Rs.2.9m 100k raised

The 4×4 cars haveĀ also seen a rise of around 120k increased. Nearly all 4×4 cars will be sold at around 120-17k increased prices.

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