This state of the art training lab in KPK is ready to teach you Cyber Security

KP-CERC will start taking applications very soon

With the massive bank account information breach just a couple of months ago in Pakistan, it was a wake-up call for all of us. Cyber attacks are here and this was just the beginning.

To protect the citizens and their personal information on the internet and the cloud, Pakistan needs to push its cybersecurity efforts, and that is exactly what the IT board of KP has done.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board has just installed a state of the art modern Cyber Security lab where it aims to teach people modern cybersecurity to help fight back cybercrime and the threats faced by the country on the internet.

KP-CERC will start taking applications very soon. For more information, visit their official website or social media page.

More about KP-CERC


KP CERC Offers training and certifications in Cyber Security. Join the Cyber force of tomorrow to defend the cyber frontiers of #Pakistan.To be a part of the KP CERC Trainings, apply now: #KP#CyberSecurity

Geplaatst door KP CERC op Donderdag 21 juni 2018

KP-CERC is the first of its kind project, pioneering new cybersecurity technologies and programs; ensuring safe cyberspace for the citizens. KP-CERC will comprise two wings: (a) Counter & Response wing (b)Research & Development wing.

The purposes of both wings collectively will be to provide pro-active and reactive response towards any kind of cyber-attacks. The Counter and Response wing will cater to the need of responding to the ever-increasing rate of Cyber-attacks on a national, organizational and individual level.

The purpose of this initiative is to introduce Cyber Security as a field of research and study all across the country and to standardize each and every institution in compliance with proposed Cyber Security certifications. It will provide a platform in capacity building of the cyber security professionals in order to strengthen organizations and to establish a facility for countering Cyber Attacks at an individual, organizational and national level.

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