This Pakistani man is risking his life by sleeping in extreme weather just to teach others how to survive cold

Qudrat Ali has taken up the challenge to sleep outside in extreme cold weather

Mountain nights can become extremely cold, dark and may appear never-ending. In temperatures this harsh, on high altitude, there are only two things that can make a difference between a life and death situation, your mind, and the quality equipment you carry with you.

Seasoned mountaineer Qudrat Ali has set on an unusual mission to help teach aspiring athletes about cold winter survival. In the coming next few days, he will be sleeping openly in his sleeping bag with temperatures dropping down to as low as -30 degrees at a 4000m altitude.

Qudrat Ali wants to tell every mountaineer out there how proper equipment can save their life.

You need proper equipment, as per the demands of your journey, to maintain your diet and body temperature at a good level. – Qudrat Ali

He wants everyone to know that sometimes when you are climbing, things can go completely opposite such as losing your camp to harsh winds or ending up with malfunctioning gear due to cold.

The harsh speedy wind may tear your camp and there might not be enough time to reach the other nearest camp. Here comes the test, how a strong and technical mind can plan and prepare for the cold night survival. You will spend the whole night in open with nothing but your sleeping bag to save you from the freezing cold weather.

Yesterday, he completed the first phase of his mission by sleeping for 13 hours in freezingly cold temperature. According to Qudrat Ali, the temperature was -18 when he set his sleeping bag at 6 PM. It turned to -21 when it was around 12 AM in midnight.

i complete my 13 hour’s freezing night survival journey from 6:00 pm to 7:00 am . As i posted last evening the temperature, it was -18 in the evening but till 12 o’clock in the night the cold increased to -21. Although it was very cold but due to normal wind speed i felt easy enough to survive.

Today Qudrat will be spending his night at the Shimshal White Horn BC which is located at an altitude of 4000m. The temperature at this spot is expected to go as low as -31 degrees. Qudrat will spend 12 hours in the freezing cold.

You can follow his survival test by visiting his social media profile.

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