These two Italian women just toured Peshawar and fell in love with the Pakistani culture and its people

Peace has finally returned to Pakistan. If you don’t believe us, just look at the volume of foreign tourists who visited the country last year and spoke wonders about it. Even top vloggers of the world like Mark Weins are visiting Pakistan because now they know Pakistan isn’t what the Western media shows.

Two Italian women visited Peshawar on Thursday and really enjoyed their time in the city. They went to various historical and cultural spots in the city of traditions and instantly fell in love with its people and heritage.

Laura and Dara tried everything they could in Peshawar ranging from food, trying out cultural jewelry and accessories as well as visiting various ancient structures.

The two also loved how the people of Peshawar welcomed them with traditional green tea and dried nuts whenever they were with a local.

Laura and Dara are really confident if peace has returned to Peshawar, anyone can visit anywhere in Pakistan. They will now share their experience of the visit with the people back home.