These guys from Hunza made a huge replica of the Baltit Fort using just snow

This effort deserves to go viral

For the past three days, Pakistan has received tons of rain and snow. The Northern areas especially witnessed an unusual amount of snow this season. If you haven’t been able to visit the Northern Areas while it was snowing, you can imagine how much snow fell from the fact that even Lahore was covered white with hailstorm last night.

The unusual volume of snow triggered a local artist from Hunza to unleash his creativity. He arranged a session with the local youth of Central Hunza to teach them about the basics of snow-sculpting.

But his little class of snow-sculpting soon turned out to be pretty amazing as he and his team of aspiring artists created this wonderful replica of the historical Baltit Fort. Check out the images below and be amazed at the skill of these folks.

Ismail Jatoori explaining the model of Baltit For he made from snow

Ismail Jatoori explaining the model of Baltit For he made using snowSpeaking Burushaski language, Ismail Jatoori says that Central Hunza received a historically high snowfall this season, after 20 years. Taking advantage of the abudnance of snow, he arranged a session for local youth, teaching them the bascis of snow-sculpting, and then together they developed a model of the historical Baltit Fort. Video: Asghar Khan

Geplaatst door PAMIR TIMES op Woensdag 23 januari 2019

Efforts like this really make us proud to see how far people of this country can go with their natural talent. The sheer scale of the ice fortress is enough to rival snow sculptors from around the world.

We heartily congratulate Ismail Jatoori and the young talented artists for their amazing effort. This thing needs to go viral!

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