So Lahore turned white after insane hailstorm yesterday and here are some pictures to prove

The entire country witnessed crazy rains that started during the weekend and kept on going on for at least three days. But things turned even crazier when the rain suddenly turned into hailstorm and snow.

While the Northen areas, including Murree and Nathia gali,¬†were experiencing non-stop snow, unlike anything you have ever seen, Lahore wasn’t far away.

Series of pictures and videos started appearing on social media at around the evening time from Lahore showing a massive hailstorm in and around many parts of the city.

The hailstorm actually started from Kala Kahar and a lot of Lahoris wished that it would come to their city, and it did come. By nightfall, the entire city was covered in white. Don’t believe us? Just look at the many photos and videos posted by Lahoris on social media.

Met officials have said that the westerly wave that entered Pakistan during the weekend is still affecting the northern parts of the country. But this wave will begin to weaken in the south from today.

So basically saying, the crazy weather is over, at least for now in Lahore and due South.