Rohail Hyatt is returning to produce Coke Studio this year

After a gap of five years

11 years ago, Rohail Hyatt brought one of the biggest changes in the music industry of Pakistan by giving birth to Coke Studio, a music platform that has become the most successful platform of Pakistan.

After having two bad seasons consecutively, produced by Strings, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi respectively, multiple sources have confirmed that Coke Studio is bringing back Rohail Hyatt to produce the 12th season.

According to the same sources, the production team is currently deciding how they want to tackle the latest season. The artist lineup, format, are among the main things being decided at the moment.

Rohail had left Coke Studio in 2014 after helming the show for six straight years. Although he stopped producing the show, he still worked with the company as a music consultant.

After what happened in the last season, Coke Studio’s fans have really been disappointed. Extreme criticism against the last season created a lot of controversy and fans were clear, they wanted to the original mind behind the series back.

Rohail and Coke Studio has not yet made comment on this news.

It will be quite interesting to see what Rohail will bring to the table after 5 years of hiatus. Are you excited?

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