Punjab Food Authority just destroyed more than 5 Lakh cans of energy drinks

Too much energy wasted

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) recently launched a huge crackdown on various energy drinks being sold in Punjab. A deadline was given to the manufacturers of these energy drinks which has now been expired.

According to PFA, no manufacturer is allowed to print the words ‘Energy Drink’ on a can of soft drink which has high caffeine¬†values in it. A typical energy drink can contain up to 200ppm caffeine.

The excessive amount of caffeine is linked to adverse health effects including damage to the nervous system, blood pressure, obesity, insomnia, hypertension, cardiac arrest and more.

To help make the dangers of consuming energy drinks, the PFA launched this campaign. The deadline has ended and the authority has started taking action against retailers and manufacturers of energy drinks in Punjab.

During the first phase, the PFA not only seized 524,000 cans and bottles of energy drinks from the market but also destroyed them in the process. A few manufacturers producing energy drinks with unsafe levels of caffeine have also been sealed.

From now on, famous energy drink brands like Sting, Red Bull, and Monster will no longer be allowed to print the word ‘Energy Drink’ on their bottles and cans. Instead, they will have to print the warning ‘Highly caffeinated drink’ on the can in order to sell them.

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