Pakistan has upgraded its Super Mushshak Aircraft with Laser Guided Weaponry

The PAC Super Mushshak basic training aircraft created by Pakistan Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF) at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex has just been upgraded with laser-guided weaponry.

The aircraft had its first flight in 1995 and was introduced in 1996. It was created from saab’s adaptation of the MFI-9 junior for basic training for military and civil operators.

The aircraft is fitted with an American 260 hp engine, cockpit air conditioning, electrical instruments, and electric elevator and rudder trim. It has a spacious side-by side-cockpit allowing good contact with the pilot and co-pilot and the instructor.

But until now, the aircraft only served as a basic training aircraft. It has now been armed with Burq laser-guided anti-tank guided missiles. If you look closely at the rear fuselage, you can spot an all aspect Zumr passive optical targeting system. Essentially this aircraft has the same attack capabilities as an armed UAV. This aircraft can now be used in anti-terrorist operations.

The aircraft is now capable of combat, specifically to be used for anti-terrorist operations in the country. The Army will now be able to call air-backup when needed during ongoing operations in Pakistan.