Moin Khan’s ambitious Motocross Track is now complete

Motocross is one of the most famous forms of off-road motorcycle racing held inside an enclosed off-road circuit. This form of motorcycle racing evolved from various motorcycle trials competitions that are held in the United Kingdom.

Motocross was first evolved from motorcycle trials competitions in the UK in 1909. These competitions were first called hare scrambles but after gaining a lot of popularity, these competitions became known as motocross racing around the world.

Nowadays Motocross is a proper form of sport that is quite popular with motorcycle enthusiasts. The race requires a large track built on dirt with lots of jumps placed on the track. So far, nothing like this was in Pakistan.

Moin Khan from ADifferentAgenda is a face we all know. After completing his epic world tour, he has found his heart in Pakistan. He was recently busy building Pakistan’s first professional motocross track. This track is now complete and open for bikers to ride on.

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The large motocross track is being personally overlooked by Moin Khan who has an undefeated passion for motorcycles. He is now inviting every Pakistani motorcycle enthusiast to come over to Kala Shah Kaku and give the track a shot

You can go to the track every Sunday 11 am till 5 pm to either cheer for a rider, or ride a bike yourself!