Martin Kobler is impressed with Pakistan Post after he got a small gift delivered to Berlin

Pakistan’s favorite German Ambassador is once again making rounds on social media. Martin Kobler recently used Pakistan Post to get a small gift delivered to his family back home in Berlin, Germany.

After using the services of Pakistan Post, the ambassador was left impressed with the new and improved services offered by Pak Post. He immediately went to Twitter and expressed his gratitude for providing reliable and & fast delivery.

He also acknowledged the friendly staff at the post office as well as their overall services.

Pakistan Post has long been criticized for being an unreliable medium for sending a post in or out of the country. For years, people have relied on private courier companies to send their post/packages, especially if they are sending it to someone living overseas.

Over the past year, Pakistan Post has introduced new services in order to attract both normal customers and business owners to use Pakistan Post for deliveries, especially for cash on delivery consignments.

The National Post of Pakistan has definitely improved from the past years and is slowly become reliable and winning the trust of Pakistanis.

Have you recently tried using Pakistan Post?