KP Police is donating warm clothes and other goods to the needy with citizens of Battagram

An excellent initiative by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police

Winter came early this year in Pakistan and it has been harsher than usual. The northern areas of Pakistan are dressed in the snow while snowy winds are keeping cool the entire region and causing a lot of problem for the people.

With the rising cold, more and more people are getting sick, especially the underprivileged who have nowhere to go and no warm bed to sleep in. While the Governments efforts are commendable with their newly inaugurated shelter homes, it is still not enough.

Seeing the situation, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has started an excellent initiative in the form of Wall of Kindness in the Main City Battagram. The wall of kindness is specially made for laborers, homeless, and the needy people of the city who cannot afford warm clothes, shoes, jackets, coats and other things.

The wall can be used by anyone and anyone can donate their warm clothes. The police have also personally donated warm clothes to the needy. The people of Battagram is very happy with the initiative of the police and they are helping them with utmost passion.

We hope this will set an example for other government departments and the rest of the nation will also start such initiatives to help needy in the cold.

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