Islamabad Traffic Police lifted one of their own cars and people have mixed reactions

Many doubt ITP did it just to show-off

The police in Pakistan, whether traffic or general, has always been criticized for never charging one of their own. A lot of police officers are seen breaking traffic laws on the road but are never stopped by the wardens.

People have noticed this many times in various cities of Pakistan and have criticized the authorities for providing immunity to their own while other citizens are indiscriminately stopped and charged as soon as any one of them breaks even the smallest traffic law.

In Islamabad, if a car is parked wrong in certain areas, the Islamabad Traffic Police comes and lifts the car and charges the driver with a challan that can easily amount to Rs. 500 or more. This is often seen in airports and other important places.

But recently, a public photo appeared where the police are seen lifting one of their own cars and it has sparked a debate on social media.

A lot of people are saying that this is just a publicity stunt by the police. While others believe the photo was taken by the public which means the police never took the photo to show it off.

Many also argue that the car might have run out of fuel and needed a lift.

What are your thoughts on this?

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