Islamabad Margalla Hills receives snowfall once again

This is the second time in a row snow was welcomed by Islamabad Margalla Hills

Islamabad experienced heavy rain and winds all around yesterday and day before which also made the weather extremely chilled. The rain started on Friday night and continued on and off throughout the day and continued till Sunday.

The citizens of Islamabad rushed to get their hands of fried somasas and pakoras to enjoy the rain which has been absent from the city for quite some time.

But just when people thought it couldn’t get any colder, the chilly weather got even more chilly when it started snowing on Margalla Hills yesterday. The pictures of snow covered mountains appeared from a private restaurant and hotel on top of Margalla Hills, just a few kilometers away from Monal, Pir Sohawa.

This is the second time snow fell on Margalla Hills in the span of 11 months and has suddenly become a major attraction for citizens of Islamabad who are now going to the Highland country resort one by one.

According to the metrological department of Pakistan, the cold wind will continue till the next few days but there is no confirmation whether there will be more snow on Margalla Hills.

If you want to enjoy the snow, now is the perfect time to head to Margalla hillsĀ and experience it first hand.

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