Islamabad citizens saved a centuries old tree from being cut down

The man involved in cutting down the ancient tree has been fined

The citizens of Islamabad saved an ancient tree in F-6 Super Market from being cut with timely intervention. The authorities were immediately informed when someone was found cutting down a tree that has been around for centuries in the area.

The Capital Development Authority’s Environment Wing arrived at the scene and charged the owner of Juniper Arcade Plaza. He was the person who gave the order to cut down the tree.

The owner had ordered to cut down the tree because it was obscuring the facade of the building which was affecting his business. Even though not much of the tree is left, the tree is still intact and will grow back in time.

The owner has realized his mistake and has submitted the Rs. 10,000 fine. He has also bought 100 pine tree saplings that are worth RS.25,000 and handed them to authorities for plantation.

According to the owner of the plaza, he had approached the authority on several occasions to seek permission but the authorities say otherwise. CDA does not allow anyone to trim tree bushes and leaves in the City.

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