Islamabad authorities remove illegal cateyes after a citizen reported it on citizens portal app

The citizens portal app has only been launched recently and it has already received a fair share of praise and controversy. The app allows any ordinary citizen to lodge a complaint with an authority, anywhere in Pakistan, which is then resolved by the concerned authorities.

While there are mixed reactions from the public, the app seems to be working for some people in Pakistan.

Recently, a citizen from Islamabad’s F-11 sector reported illegal steel/metal cateyes placed adjacent to a masjid. The said cateyes were so large that they were damaging the tires of the vehicles moving past them.

The main complaint of the citizen was that their own car tire burst when they crossed the cateyes. The complaint was launched on December 13 to DG, Roads, and Market (maintenance) Directorate and it was marked resolved on the January 11.

The citizens living near the area have confirmed that the cateyes are indeed gone and are really happy that someone listened to their complaints.

But at the same time, people who have used the app before are saying that the app either shows their complaint pending or ‘marked resolved’ (but not actually resolved).

Have you had a positive/negative experience with the portal?