Children of this Balochistan School can finally sit on chairs after Pak Army Officer’s donation

Commandant FC Malatia Noshki gifted the chairs and tables after visiting the school

The Government Boys Middle School Qadir Abad, Nushki Balochistan is one of the best schools in the region. The school has better teachers and is serious about the education of students in it.

However, for the past many years, its students have always had to sit on floors in their classrooms because there are very few chairs and tables present in the school. The furniture in the school is either damaged or completely broken.

The school recently held a sports and science gala where the students showcased various of their projects and skills. The chief guest of the event was Col: Azhar Ali Sheraz, Commandant of FC Malatia Noshki. He toured the school and found out that there was no furniture available and decided to gift the school furniture.


After just a few days of his visit, the school library has now been equipped with large tables and chairs for students. This is a very kind gesture by the colonel and we hope that others will follow his kind move.

The government should also take notice of this and immediately arrange for furniture for the school children.

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