Brace Yourselves, Smartphones are getting more expensive in Pakistan

The import duty on mobile phones has been raised by 15%

The current government seems to be really not happy the way smartphones are being sold and brought into Pakistan. Just a few months ago, the government had placed a new policy that banned people from bringing more than 5 smartphones a year to Pakistan.

This policy went under effect just a few days ago with all phones that are unregistered and illegally brought to Pakistan are being blocked by the Pakistan Telecom Authority under their new DRIBS system.

Any phone that is not registered with PTA will no longer work in Pakistan unless proper registration is completed and duty/taxes on the phone is paid.

If that wasn’t enough, it seems smartphones buyers and retailers are in for another huge surprise as according to a report by the Karachi Electronic Dealers Association, the import duty on mobile phones has been increased by 15%. The import duty on phones is now around 44-54%.

This will directly raise the prices of many smartphones in the country, especially the phones that are imported. A stipulation of type approval has also been enforced on the import of used phones which means that the prices of these phones see risen to up to Rs. 20,000.

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