Annie Khalid makes a surprising return to Pakistani music industry after 4 years with new music video

Are you happy that Annie is back?

Annie Khalid is back with a new single. The latest single ‘Gorey Desi’ was released last night by Patari as an exclusive. What is interesting is that the singer/songwriter made a surprise comeback.

Annie released her last single ‘Do You See Me’ for Robot 2 in 2015 and disappeared from the music industry as a whole. She did make some appearances on TV here and there, but nothing new came from her in terms of music.

Her fans and social media followers are definitely delighted to see her back. Here is the new single ‘Gorey Desi’ by Annie.

Annie made a huge fan following when she released her single ‘Mahiya’. The song propelled to massive popularity when it got featured in the Bollywood film Awarapan in 2007.

Soon after gaining recognition from producing music, Annie turned her sights toward modeling and hosting TV shows. She was seen performing on TV, hosting shows, and even doing some modeling gigs.

During her career, Annie has also been subject to controversy, especially when she got divorced from her first husband and then married someone else two years later.

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