Akon is coming to perform in Lahore and Karachi in April

The World Soccer Star (WSS) matches in Lahore and Karachi will feature Live Akon performances

The legendary R&B superstar and Grammy Award Winning artist, Akon is coming to Pakistan in April. The singer/songwriter is coming to kick start the World Soccer Star (WSS) events in Pakistan.

The Star will arrive in Karachi and Lahore to perform on both the matches of WSS that are going to be held on 26th and 29th of April. The announcement was made via press release after the legendary football stars Luis Figo and Ricardo Kaka arrived in Karachi today.

Both the football superstars are currently busy with a press event in Karachi where they are making exciting announcements including the arrival of Akon in Pakistan.

With the combination of music and the star-studded football match in April, Pakistan Football scene is sure to receive a lot of entertainment and a much-needed boost.

WSS has yet to release further information about the two soccer matches being planned for Pakistan in April. But as time is passing, we are getting more information.

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