Tips for those who are visiting Pakistan for the first time

A detailed guide about travelling to Pakistan especially written for tourists

Pakistan is a country with rich culture and traditions, picturesque sceneries, Mountains, architectural splendor and so on. You can’t skip Pakistan as a nature lover if you are setting up your bucket list for the first time. No two ways about it. Well, if you talk about the people of Pakistan, they are super friendly people.

Remember they are registered high in the list of the happiest nations of the world. You will meet absolutely fascinating hospitality, food and people in Pakistan.

As a first time traveler, you feel excited and super excited. And if Pakistan is a country you a paying a visit to, you will probably be getting a demoralizing response from the people around you.

This is the image presented by media about Pakistan. But, to be brutally honest, the truth is at odds with this. In fact, you will be leaving a piece of your heart right there after your first visit to Pakistan.

Anyways, we are here with a bunch of few beneficial tips that you shouldn’t miss out on as a first-time traveler to Pakistan. Let’s catch this up:

Entry Requirements

To get into Pakistan, there are only three things you will be needing. First a Valid Passport, secondly a Visa and last a ticket and that’s that. You are free to go to Pakistan without any trouble with the help of these three things.

Be that as it may, take notice of any additional requirements for your country from the Pakistan Embassy in your hometown. Now that you have given all the entry requirements the once-over, you are ready to take off. There you go!

Planning the tour according to the weather

Before everything, it’s vital to consider the appropriate time to visit Pakistan. Well, it depends upon you.

If you are backpacking to Pakistan in order to lend your eyes to snow-capped mountains peaks or you love being out in the snow, whether skiing or just wrangling around, the suggested time for you is from mid-October to mid-March.

However, there is no snow rest of the year. And for the case of Monsoon, the ideal time to witness Monsoon in Pakistan is between June and September. If you are after trekking, the best time for you to visit Pakistan is from mid-April to mid-October.

In all cases, plan your tour keeping in mind the weather forecasting updates from the local authorities specifically if you are traveling to Northern areas of Pakistan. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Packing your rucksack

While packing your bag for Pakistan, turn less packing over in your mind and consider putting in the Spanish Proverb “On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy”.

It is suggested to pack only the super necessary stuff because you can find almost everything in Pakistan. Just keep your clothes, shoes, valuable documents, medications (if any), chargers etc. with you and that’s that.

Be that as it may, if you have excess baggage more than permitted by the airline you are traveling with, nothing is to worry about in this case too. There are a lot of trustworthy companies that send cargo to Pakistan from UK Companies which can easily get your job done at affordable rates.

Food in Pakistan

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Pakistan has got a widespread reputation for possessing one of the super-delicious and spicy cuisines around the globe. That being the case, extra spice would be something surprising to your stomach.

For this reason, eat the super spicy foods of Pakistan if your stomach puts up with the extra spice. If you want to enjoy the trip to its fullest, don’t miss out the street food of Lahore and Karachi.

Still and all, always eat freshly cooked and hygienic food in particular if you are eating from street stalls. Don’t eat ill-covered food that’s open to flies and dust in any case. Same is the case with water.

As Pakistan is a developing country, so clean and filtered water still remains the issue there. It is recommended not to drink tap water.

Instead, bottled water is something you can trust. Still, check out whether the seal is contact or not. With that, it would be multum in parvo to take some necessary shots before packing your bag.

Just visit your doctor and tell them about your tour and the length and ask for the vaccination for common diseases like Malaria, diarrhea, Dengue etc. Don’t forget to ask the medications, if any.

Once you are done with this, you are ready to become the guest of the country having a culture with deep pockets. Whoa!

Traveling around Pakistan

Pakistan has got a wide railways and roads network to cater all the needs of travelers. That said, you have got Buses, Trains, Flights, Taxis, Autos, everything.

You can make the case that getting into and around Pakistan is super easy. For shorter distances, Buses and Taxis are recommended. However, if the distances are large, take the services of Trains for relaxed and affordable travel. But, that’s not the case with Northern areas.

To travel around the Northern areas, Jeep is the best companion as there are no trains (though buses are there you can only travel by bus where roads are paved).

To travel around in Punjab and Sindh, the train must be your priority in case you want to save a few bucks. For shorter distances (likewise 5-7 kilometers), taxis and auto rickshaws must be your priority.

One thing that’s very fruitful to keep in mind always makes use of maps (Google maps if you have access to the Internet) before traveling around and bargaining for fares (for small distances).

That’s because sometimes taxi and auto drivers try to make extra money in terms of double (sometimes even greater) fares. Also, keep your eyes and sensations open especially while shopping around and traveling in trains.

Pickpockets chase their pray furiously if you act like you are a newcomer. So keep calm and use your sensations while moving around.

Watch out for your dressing

Yes, that’s pretty much necessary. As said earlier, Pakistan is a country with rich culture and traditions, so it would be a great idea to follow the dressing codes (specifically if you are visiting remote areas like villages).

Also, take your shoes off while getting into religious places such as Mosques, Shrines etc. In case you are a female backpacker visiting Pakistan, covering your head and body parts is also recommended.

On more thing, people do stare in Pakistan (specifically if you are a female tourist). Alright, that’s because they feel excited when see foreigners moving inside their country. Don’t pay heed to the staring and enjoy the moment. Whoa!

Backpacking Pakistan for the first time is really thrilling but can be shocking also. Be that as it may, giving the aforementioned tips a look-see would definitely win you a tremendous tour of Pakistan.

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