This passenger apparently got charged Rs.10,000 duty on Rs. 24,000 phone and people are worried

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Pakistan Government recently introduced a new policy against people smuggling phones to Pakistan. The policy doesn’t allow anyone to bring more than 5 phones a year. Additionally, passengers will only be allowed one smartphone free of duty.

This policy has created a lot of panic in the general people because it is commonly observed many family relatives coming from abroad bring with them smartphones as gifts for their family. With the new policy, this may not be possible anymore.

PTA along with the customs office has created a lot of confusion about the phones and people are wondering what is going on. Apparently, a photo shared on social media shows that a passenger was charged RS. 10,000 on a Galaxy J6 assessed to be Rs. 24,000 at an airport in Punjab. The slips can be seen below.

Price of Galaxy J6 in Pakistan

It isn’t clear which Galaxy J6 phone is in question by looking at the slips above. But if you’re wondering if the duty is justified, here is the price of the phone in Pakistan.

Galaxy J6 (2018) Pakistan – RS. 28,000 – RS. 29,999.

This price is for the newest 2018 model being sold online in Pakistan. Whether the phone which was assessed as a 2018 version or an old one, is something that remains a mystery.

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