This is how much phones will be taxed if you bring them from abroad

Find the smartphone valuation sheet inside

Pakistan Government recently introduced a new policy against people smuggling phones to Pakistan. The policy doesn’t allow anyone to bring more than 5 phones a year. Additionally, passengers will only be allowed one smartphone free of duty.

This policy has created a lot of panic in the general people because it is commonly observed many family relatives coming from abroad bring with them smartphones as gifts for their family. With the new policy, this may not be possible anymore.

To clear the confusion, Minister for Information and & Broadcasting revealed today that personal phones will not be taxed. However, other phones being brought to Pakistan will be taxed as much as 38% over the base value listed in the valuation of phones sheet.

He also said that any phone that is under the price of $60 will not be taxed. The valuation sheet can be found here which lists 186 phones as of now.

Also, you can get your phone registered outside the airport. Some confusion was there regarding this where people believed it was mandatory to pay the taxes and duties at the airport.

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