The Islamabad Police is now giving ‘coffee mugs’ to people who are good drivers

The Islamabad Police recently started the Good Citizen Patrol Unit, an initiative to appreciate law-abiding citizens and drivers of the capital.

The idea is to appreciate and award people on the road who follow the laws of traffic. For this initiative, a dedicated unit is sent on the roads of Islamabad on a daily basis which finds and follows cars that are abiding the laws of traffic.

When such a citizen is found on the road, the Police stops them and thanks them on the spot for being a ‘good citizen’. The Police then gives the citizen a special ‘good citizen’ sticker to place on their car windshield as well as coffee mugs and other gifts.

Similarities with Dubai’s Happiness Petrol

For those of you who have been to Dubai, you must have already figured out that Islamabad’s Good Citizen Patrol Unit is inspired by Dubai Police’s ‘Happiness Patrol’.

The two systems are identical and are highly appreciated by the people. It is wonderful to be stopped by the police once in a while to be appreciated for following the law.