Someone opened a ‘chai dhabba’ in New York City

There is no denying that ‘chai’ is one of the most loved hot beverages of Pakistan. Whether its a dawaat, a meetup, or just about any occasion, chai is a must to make things better.

Pakistanis love chai so much that there are literally thousands of roadside dhabbas serving tea along with parathas and other things that go with chai. Then there are upscale restaurants that use dhaaba theme and serve chai for people who enjoy lounge like settings while enjoying a cup of doodh patti.

Giving a shout out to this crazy chai culture in Pakistan, a couple in New York City has just opened a dhaaba themed chai cafe which is essentially a themed lounge. Colorful carpets, pillows, and floor seating are at the heart of its ambiance and decor.

The ‘Chai Spot’ in New York aims to fill the gap between the East and West as well as improve the soft image of Pakistan in America.

The cafe also sells cultural products handmade by women from Pakistani villages, especially from the ones based in Balochistan and Sindh. The aim is to promote the Pakistani culture in the West.

We love how the couple has brought the chai culture of Pakistan to New York City, and hope that more Pakistani Americans will take inspiration from these people and open more Pakistani themed restaurants and other small businesses in the West. 

Location of The Chai Spot NYC

Be sure to check out the Chai Spot at 156 Mott St, New York, NY 10013, USA. Alternatively, use the map below to get there easily.