Sindh Police Launches Mobile Workshop to fix broken cars on Road in Karachi

The workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and expert mechanics

IG Sindh inaugurated Since Police Mobile Workshop today in Karachi. This one of a kind mobile workshop will help ordinary citizens on the road by fixing their broken cars.

The mobile workshop is quite similar to the ones you see on Motorway, however, these workshops are better equipped.

According to the Sindh Police, the mobile workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools to troubleshoot problems people may face with a vehicle on road. To fix the cars, the police has also brought in expert mechanics who will be onboard this workshop at all times.

Currently, the service is being only launched in Karachi. But the Sindh Police plans to expand on this program rapidly. According to the IG Sindh, the mobile workshop will be launched in every district of the province.

After every three months, a mobile workshop will be launched in a different district of Sindh. The mobile workshop will be reachable by anyone on the standard emergency number.

This is definitely a welcoming addition to Karachi. We hope this service will help the people as intended in the future.

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