Pakistanis are super happy because FoodPanda is about to get a tough competitor in Pakistan

FoodPanda is pioneering food delivery app in Pakistan which has become somewhat a titan in the food delivery business. Although there are several other local apps that deliver food through an app, no one is currently giving the company ‘tough competition’.

But things are about to change. The world’s leading ride-hailing company, Uber, which already has a very strong hold in Pakistan is about to launch its food delivery app ‘Uber Eats’ in Pakistan.

There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but inside sources have revealed that the company is going to launch its food delivery app in Pakistan next year.

The new app will be completely separate from Uber’s main application which is used for booking rides in Pakistan.

What really fascinated people about this news was the fact that FoodPanda will finally be getting tough competition from a company that already has its delivery app working in over 250 cities with more than $6 billion bookings run rate.

Pakistanis expressed their delight because apparently, FoodPanda is not good enough anymore. This is evident from their social media pages where people have lodged several complaints regarding the services. Comments about the lackluster service of the company can be seen almost on every post the company has uploaded on their Social media profiles.

Will Uber Eats be able to impress demanding Pakistanis with their services? Will FoodPanda start improving their services with competition looming over? Only time will tell.