Pakistan Army is testing this crazy rocket, grenade, and machine gun firing robot

Made in Pakistan

The IDEAS 2018 showcased some pretty cool ideas including some of the best Pakistan had to offer. One thing that really stood out from the rest of stuff showed at the convention was the EOD robot (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).

This robot along with others have been developed by NRTC (National Radio Transmission Corporation) Pakistan, a company that has 48 years of history and is the only military telecom industry in the country.

The EOD is a pretty awesome machine that comes with a mechanical arm and other attachments that can be used to manipulated IEDs (Improvise Explosive Device).

Unmanned land vehicle under testing by PA. Video 2.

Unmanned land vehicle under testing by PA. Video 2.

Geplaatst door Pak Marines < NAVY op Zondag 16 december 2018

Unmanned land vehicle under testing by PA. Made by EME Robotics Deptt, optics by NRTC.

Geplaatst door Pakistan Defence op Zondag 16 december 2018

The NRTC has also developed another robot with different roles. For example, they also have an automatic grenade launcher robot with a thermal sight. This robot is based on an independent suspension system that tracks terrain as it travels, making it perfect for mountainous and other rough terrains.

The purpose of the robot is surveillance and deterrence. It can throw grenades with a range up to 2.4 Km and can mount heavy machine gun made by Pakistan Ordinance Factory.

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