Negligence caused two back-to-back fatal accidents at the same police check post in Islamabad

Who’s at fault? The overspeeding driver or no light reflectors at the checkpost?

Just a couple of nights ago, a fatal accident took place on the Islamabad Expressway which resulted in the death of a 16-year-old boy and fatal injuries to his elder brother.

The two boys were in a speeding Civic which had a head-on collision with a bus parked at a checkpoint set up by the Islamabad police on the entrance of Express Highway. The 16-year-old died on the spot, while his brother survived with fatal injuries. Both the kids were the sons of ex-director at the Ministry of Foreign.

Now just a couple of days after the unfortunate event, another fatal accident occurred at the very same checkpoint where the ex-ministers sons had an accident.

The whole fiasco has started a debate where the part authorities are blamed, part drivers of the two cars are blamed. Both accidents were caused during the late hours and at the same place.

According to many, the accident probably resulted due to no warning signs or light reflectors warning the incoming traffic of a checkpoint on a highway where the speed limit is set 80 kmph. While others are blaming the drivers for overspeeding. From the video footage collected from a nearby CCTV, it can clearly be seen that the car was indeed coming in faster than recommended speed limit on the highway.

Whichever the case, the authorities should still learn and put up warning signs for the incoming traffic, especially during the night, and parents should educate their children to maintain realistic and controllable speed so these unfortunate events can be prevented in the future.

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