Karachi’s traffic police is taking away original number plates of anyone who parks wrong

Traffic Police in Karachi has come up with a unique, and somewhat controversial way of dealing with people who park their cars in no parking zones.

After seeing a car that is double parked, or parked in a space where parking is strictly prohibited, traffic wardens will confiscate the original number plate of the car from both the front and the back of the car.

According to traffic wardens, there are ample warning signs in ‘no parking’ zones, but people tend to ignore them and still park their car in these areas. This causes traffic jams and problem to other commuters on the road.

After the traffic warden confiscated the number plate, he will also leave a note on the car windshield which is basically a note telling the owner about their traffic offense. Check out a report by ARY NEWS below.

If the driver/owner of the car wishes to get back their number plate, they will have to pay a fine of RS. 520. This fine will be paid just like you would pay for any other challan given to you.

Do you think Karachi Traffic police new measures against the wrongly parked cars is justified?