Here is everything that went down at the Ring of Pakistan International Wrestling Event

20 foreign wrestlers including former WWE stars were here on the 7th of December

The second season of Ring of Pakistan (previously called PWE) entertained the fans of wrestling in Pakistan in Lahore on the 9th of December. About 20 wrestlers from around the world competed in the event.

The final match was held between Pakistan’s Badshah Khan against former WWE wrestler Chris Masters. At the end of the final match which was held in Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi Stadium, Badshah Khan emerged victorious. Last year, Badshah Khan had also won a title.

Apart from the main event, people really loved the match of Tiny Iron who has been in and around Pakistan from past year making fans everywhere in the country.

Many people had their selfies taken with the wrestlers. Tiny Iron emerged victorious in his match by defeating an opponent bigger than him.

Female wrestlers were also present at the event and had a match of their own. Algerian professional wrestler Yacine Osmani was another wrestler who won the crowd with his extraordinary moves.

Geplaatst door Arshad Ashraf op Maandag 10 december 2018

Geplaatst door Arshad Ashraf op Maandag 10 december 2018

The event went on for quite a few hours giving Pakistanis a chance to witness live wrestling once again. Unfortunately, this time the event was canceled at the last minute in Karachi. But there was still a significant turnout in Lahore.

Events such as these are very important for Pakistan as they help not only promote international events in the country but also shows that Pakistan is a safe country for anyone to visit.

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