Google has just released the most ‘Googled’ people in Pakistan 2018 list

Some surprising faces here!

Google releases a list of most searched people every year for every country. This year’s list of most searched people in Pakistan has just been released by the search engine giant and there are quite a few faces that may surprise you.

1 – Bushra Maneka

The First Lady of Pakistan

2 – Meghan Markle

Duchess of Sussex

3 – Meesha Shafi

Pakistani actress, model, and singer

4 – Reham Khan

Journalist, author, ex-wife of Current Prime Minister Imran Khan

5 – Sylvester Stallone 

American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter

6 – Sonali Bendre

Indian Film Actress, model, author, and television personality

7 – Atif Mian 

Pakistani-American Economist

8 – Hanif Abbasi

Pakistani businessman and politician

9 – Iqra Aziz

Pakistani television actress and model

10 – Sunny Leon

Bollywood actress, and former adult entertainment celebrity

Here is the official list released by Google.

More about Google Lists

Google lists are released every year to provide a snapshot of what and who is popular in the world or a specific country. The trends reflect how the year went by and how people reacted to news and happenings.

The search engine giant releases various lists. The top search terms, trends, are just among few. Pakistan search trends for 2018 will also be available soon as the year 2018 comes to a close.

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