Coca-Cola food fest 2018 is headed to Karachi on the 14th of December

Following the success of this year’s second edition of Coca-Cola food and music festival in Faisalabad, the event is headed to Karachi on December 14th.

Cokefest successfully completed its Faisalabad episode on 2nd of December and managed to be one of the best events in the city in recent times. The food and music festival was a true fusion of food and music.

The festival offered the best of both with a diverse panel of culinary talents which consisted of local chefs who offered a specialized menu for the festival with discounted meals. But the food wasn’t the only highlight of the event.

The incredible selection of musicians from Coke Studio including megastars such as Maria Meer, Jawad Ahmed, Malkoo, Amanat Ali and more performed at the festival

Now it is headed to Karachi which is also expected to be attended by megastars of Coke Studio.

Coke Fest 2018 Karachi Location and Ticket info

Coke Fest 2018 Karachi will take place at the Beach Park Karachi. The event will start on Friday at 3 PM and will be open till 11 PM. Tickets are available here for Rs. 405 each.

Use the map below to reach Circle Club easily.