A shelter home for the poor has been inaugurated in Rawalpindi

A shelter home has been inaugurated in Rawalpindi to provide a comfortable space for homeless people. The project aims to restore the self-respect of people who sleep on the roadsides or footpaths in the city.

Initially, arrangements for about 100 individuals has been made possible in the shelter home which is situated in the parking plaza at Fawara Chowk, Raja Bazaar. The government now plans to extend this by creating multi-story buildings that will become permanent shelter homes for the poor near the old tehsil office area.

The current aim is to increase the capacity from 100 people to 700 people.

The shelter home recently inaugurated will also provide warm meals to the homeless staying there. Moreover, the attendants of the patients who are admitted in the District Head Quarter Hospital can also call the shelter home their home for as long as their loved ones are admitted.

The government plans to deal with the expenses of running the shelter homes through donations made by philanthropists and wealthy citizens.