Toyota reveals the new Corolla 2020

Toyota Corolla is one of Toyota’s most successful cars. It is widely driven around the world and has a huge fan following. Whether its Pakistan, United States or anywhere else in the world, a Corolla is not easy to miss on the roads.

For the last couple of weeks, Toyota was teasing the new Corolla 2020. As fans were anticipating, Toyota finally revealed the newest model of its iconic car. The new Corolla has completely new design from inside and outside.

The new Toyota is based on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform which was introduced last year. The car will have the same interior design coupled with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

Apart from the new Toyota Corolla, the company has also announced a hybrid version of the car which is still largely under development. Below you can see the pictures of the car. Keep in mind that these pictures are of the universal model and the Pakistani model may differ a lot.

Interior and exterior features Corolla 2020

As seen from pictures above, the new Corolla has a completely redesigned exterior. The car uses the same wheelbase as the previous generation of the car, however, there are minor adjustments here and there.

The biggest change in the interior is the addition of a 7-inch infotainment system. Ambient lighting has also been added to the car.

These features are strictly international and may not be available in the Pakistani version when it is finally released.