This restaurant in Rawalpindi is taking burgers to a whole new level with their lava burger

Burger topped with melting cheese on sizzling steak plate! Who doesn’t want that?

The Pakistani food space is rapidly growing with new and better eateries every day. While most of the restaurants play it safe by serving tried and tested menu items, others are taking food to a whole new level.

There is no denying that Pakistan loves cheese. We enjoy cheese with everything. Be it Pizzas, Lasagna, or pasta, we love topping everything with lots and lots of cheese.

Eateries in Pakistan are now taking cheese toppings to a whole new level. Some of them have recently introduced the concept of topping your food with thick melted cheese sauce.

Now a restaurant is taking this concept a notch up and have introduced a lava burger in Rawalpindi. The burger’s patty is first stuffed with a filling made of various ingredients, and cheese.

Then when the burger is served, it is served on a sizzling steak plate. The restaurant then puts a whole lot of melting oozy cheese topping that completely drenches the burger in cheese.

Lava Burger

Introducing our new mouth-watering lava burger for cheese lovers!Price : Rs 750/- *Drink included

Geplaatst door LeisureCity Bowling Club and Leisure Cuisine op Dinsdag 13 november 2018

Now, this is something really worth trying if you are a cheese lover. Head over to LeisureCity Bowling Club and Leisure Cuisine in Pindi to try it out.

Location of LeisureCity Bowling Club

The LeisureCity Bowling Club and Leisure Cuisine is located inside Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi. Use the map below to get to Jinnah Park easily.

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