This restaurant in Islamabad has just brought the ‘Food on conveyor belt’ concept to Pakistan

If you’ve been to Dubai, London, Japan, or the United States, you may have come across many restaurants that serve food on a conveyor belt. This concept is extremely popular with Sushi restaurants in the world.

But you’ll often come across many fast food and cafes also serving on conveyor belts. The concept is very simple, you place your order, and the food is served to you through a conveyor belt instead of a waiter bringing it to your table.

Conveyor belt restaurants are often popular among people who love to try something new and different. Up till now, the concept was only foreign to Pakistanis, but one restaurant in Islamabad, ‘Slider Zone’ has brought it here.

Just like the conveyor belt restaurants over the world, Slider zone serves your food through belts. You place an order and a number is given to you. When your order is ready, it is set on the conveyor belt with the corresponding number. The bill is given in the same way.

Photos by – The Brutal Foodie

Location of Slider Zone

Slider Zon can be found in Bahria Town Phase 7. It just a few blocks away from Green Valley.

More about Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts in restaurants were invented by Yoshiaki Shiraishi in Japan. He was the owner of a small sushi restaurant and had trouble with managing the restaurant himself.

Instead of hiring new staff to help him serve food, he came up with the idea of serving people through a conveyor belt. He worked on the concept for five years until finally mastering it. The first restaurant using conveyor belt technology was opened in Higashiosaka in 1958.