This man is travelling all over Pakistan cleaning important spots one by one

There is no denying that one of Pakistan’s biggest problems is isolated garbage and random dumpsites in populated areas. Nearly every city in Pakistan has places where garbage is lying in the open and no one is there to clean it. This is mostly due to lack of awareness and general ignorance of authorities.

People litter everywhere they go. Beautiful places in the Northern areas of Pakistan and other picnic spots around the country are turned into garbage heaps within a matter of hours after tourists visit them.

Unfortunately, the authorities have nearly always failed to keep these important areas clean, nor have they been successful in spreading cleanliness awareness among the general public.

But one man, Saifullah Kashmiri is on a mission to change this. He has started a national tour ‘Clean Pakistan, Green Pakistan’ to spread cleanliness awareness. He is traveling across the country on his motorcycle¬†and is personally cleaning garbage from important spots as he visits them.

Saifullah started his tour from Khunjrab and has already made his way to Rawalpindi. He visits important tourist or public spots in the cities and cleans them, sending a message to everyone in the process.

Saifullah working hard to encourage everyone in Pakistan to care about their environment. He regularly posts updates on his Facebook page and encourages everyone to help him with his mission clean Pakistan, green Pakistan.

His journey is surely inspiring and spreads a very important message to Pakistanis about keeping their country clean. If you want to help him in his mission, be sure to check his official Facebook page.