This is Samsung’s Foldable new phone

After months of speculation and rumors, Samsung finally unveiled its much anticipated foldable phone. The Korean company is calling its foldable phone technology the ‘Infinity Flex Display’. The phone itself has a screen as large as a tablet that can be folded to fit in the pocket.

During the demonstration of the new phone, Samsung deliberately dimmed the lights to hide away the design elements of the phone from being copied. The phone includes a cover display that basically acts like a phone with the main display of 7.3 inches.

Samsung has revealed that the phone will be able to power three apps simultaneously on the screen. The company is calling this technology the ‘multi-active window’ technology.

It seems the company was very protective of this new phone, and unfortunately, they did not let anyone touch the display or hold the phone. But according to Samsung, they will be able to start mass production of the phone in the coming months.

Samsung has not revealed any other details on the phone or technology. There were no specifications mentioned except the screen size. Apparently, Google is working closely with Samsung to support these new foldable devices that will soon become available in the market.