This German traveller came to explore Pakistan and become huge fan of its culture and hospitality

We’ve all seen how the western media portrays Pakistan and its people. Their reports on the country make it sound like a wartorn land that is unsafe to live.

Pakistan has been trying its best to portray the soft image of the country through various promotional campaigns. These campaigns have finally bore fruit for Pakistanis as westerners are now realizing how false the U.S and British media is.

Thanks to individuals like Patrick Muntzinger, people from the West are finally seeing the true picture of Pakistan which is a friendly, and extremely hospitable country.

German traveler and blogger Muntzinger recently traveled to Pakistan to explore its beautiful landscapes, culture, food, and people. He left with a lot of love for the country.

Patrick enjoyed his time in Pakistan a lot. He started his journey in Karachi and went all the way to the Northern Lands of the country. He also celebrated Pakistan’s 71st Independence day just like every other Pakistani does.

After his full trip, Patrick is now convincing his friends, family, and followers to visit Pakistan. He is giving them plenty of reasons to visit the country and it seems to be working as many people on his travel blog has already set Pakistan as their next ‘go-to’ destination.