This cool offroad bike race in Jhelum needs your immediate attention

There are estimated thousands of bike riders in Pakistan who enjoy racing, performing stunts, and doing unusual things on their bikes. Unfortunately, there are very few platforms in Pakistan that are providing the necessary means for these young people to practice their passion with safety and on a professional level.

As a result, these young bikers are left to race in the streets and perform unsafe stunts on roads, leading to accidents that turn fatal before they know it.

A bike club ‘Bikers and Hikers’ is on a mission to provide these young people of Pakistan a platform where they can practice their passion with safety standards and with a competitive nature. The aim of the club is to reduce fatalities by turning these young bikers into professional bikers and educate them about safety.

To make this a reality, bikers, and hikers regularly host professional biking events where these young daredevils can race against other like-minded people.

A recent event was held at the Ghaan River, Rohtas Fort Dina, Jhelum. It was a huge success and definitely a sight to see for fans of bikes and extreme sports.

Pakistan really needs more events like these. We have so many talented youngsters that can be seen on the road racing and performing stunts. If more events like these regularly happen in the country, we can produce some of the best extreme sports bike riders in the world.

Photos by: Kamal Haider