These young men and women are voluntarily cleaning the mess people left at Islamabad Eat

Islamabad Eat took place over the weekend, and as expected, a huge number of people swarmed to the festival to enjoy food and music. The Eat festival which made debut last year was supposed to be bigger and better this year, however, people had mix reactions.

Even though there was plenty of food, music, and entertainment, there were still some loopholes, especially within the management. Since this was the second time the festival was coming to the capital, it was expected that the management would take care of the things that were out of place last year.

According to the people who went to the event, the same problems persisted from last year. There weren’t enough seating and dustbins to cater the huge crowd that showed up. And as a result, there was a lot of mess at the venue.

When someone posted a photo of the mess the people were creating because of lack of dustbins on social media, a group of young men and women from Islamabad immediately took notice and called for a clean drive.

This volunteer clean drive was attended by young men and women of Islamabad who spent most of their Sunday picking up others trash.

We salute to ‘5 Mailay Aur Un Kay Thailay’ for this clean drive. The group has recently been quite active in the capital cleaning mess made by the general public. They want to spread awareness as well as advise people to keep their surroundings clean.

We urge everyone from Islamabad to help these young men and women as much as they can. Check out their Facebook Group.