The Koreans have come after the Chinese in Pakistan with their lifestyle brand

MiniSo, a Chinese/Japanese lifestyle brand opened its doors in Pakistan in beginning of 2018 and became an instant hit in the country. The brand offers very unique products that are high quality and affordable.

The brand was such a huge success in Pakistan that it aggressively expanded soon after it arrived in Pakistan. Today nearly every major city of the country has multiple stores of MiniSo.

Seeing the success of MiniSo, the Korean lifestyle brand Ximi Vogue has also arrived in Pakistan to take on the Chinese brand head-on. The weird thing is that the two brands share a lot in common. From the product line to the logo, and store style, everything is similar. Have a look for yourself.

What’s up with the similarities?

One look at MiniSo and Ximi Vogue and it’s not hard to tell that these brands are pretty much the same with a different logo. Believe it or not, the story of these two brands is much more interesting than you could imagine.

Turns out, both MiniSo and Ximi Vogue are actually ‘copy brands’ of a popular Japanese brand Daiso. They have copied everything from the layout of the store to the product lineup.

However, it was MiniSo that found success with the Japanese store Daiso, and this caused many other copy brands to emerge.

But wait, there’s more! MiniSo and Ximi Vogue aren’t the only copy brands of Daiso, there’s like literally five or six more brands that are similar. Have a look.






Does it matter to you?

Well, not really. Both the brands basically have the same products. The only thing changes is who you give your money to; the Chinese or the Korean?