Staying at Bishigram, Swat is a lot easier thanks to these brand new camping pods

Summers in Pakistan is excruciating, and when it gets out of hand, people from around the country try to find refuge in the Northern Areas of Pakistan which are a lot cooler than the southern side.

The Northern areas of Pakistan aren’t only cool, they’re also beautiful and offer serene places to relax for a couple of days before people can head back to their day to day life.

Swat is just another place which fixes the description. It has a great weather, freshwater springs, forested mountains, and a lot more to offer to local and foreign tourists.

As the weather is cooling down in the rest of Pakistan, a lot of people are heading towards these beautiful places to enjoy one last time before the extreme winter arrives.

And to make their stay easier at Bishigram, Swat, the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TKCP) has just set up brand new camping pods for families. These camping pods are ideal for small families because they come complete with children’s play area, tented kitchens, washrooms and more in a set up of double and quadruple beds.

How much does it cost to stay?

According to the caretaker of the camping pods, you are charged around 2,500 per night for a camping pod with two beds. If you want four beds camping pods, you will be charged RS. 4,000.

These prices are for the winter season. As the season changes, the demand increases and with them the prices shoot up too.

Camping pods have also been set up in four other locations including Sharan (Mansehra), Tandyani (Abbottabad, Yakh Tangi (Shangla), and Bishigram (Swat).

TKCP is currently working to install camping pods on more tourist locations.